I was born on 25 June 1960 in Gstaad where I spent my childhood together with 4 brothers. After my apprenticeship in Aarau as furrier I moved to Zurich, where I met my husband Moreno. In 1987 we moved to Oetwil am See, got married in 1988 and in 1989 our first son, Ramon, was born. Our second son, Mauro, was born in 1992. 


Since 1997 I own a nice studio where I can paint, cut and also exhibit my work. I also organise painting evenings and courses on a regular basis. 



Paper cuttings


The handicraft in general was passed on to me by my parents. My father, a carpenter, decorated his self made furniture with carvings and my mother painted old furniture in a traditional style called "Bauernmalerei". On the wall above my bed hung a heart-formed paper cutting with Anemones and wildlife, a cutting by Christian Schwizgebel. Already as a small child I admired this kind of art. Painting and handicraft were therefore my favourite subjects in school.


When, at the age of 13, I had to lie in bed at home for one month due to a ski accident, I searched for the smallest scissors we had at home - it was a small, bent nail scissors. My mother organised black, gummed paper and that's how some paper cuttings with horses, cows and wildlife were created. A neighbour thought I was gifted and organised a meeting with Christian Schwizgebel.


Finally, I met my idol. I sat with him in his living room and he showed me how he cut, without drawing any lines or preparing a sketch. This seemed nearly impossible to me. From him I learnt some important things that helped me greatly. A big coloured, three-dimensional paper cutting was leaning against the wall in his living-room. Finally, I saw what kind of scissors was used for paper cutting and my teacher gave me 10 pieces of special paper for paper cutting. Several months later, he was filmed by TV with me as his apprentice - I was very proud! As we didn't have a television at home, I only saw the film many years later.

For a long time I didn't know what profession to choose. I would have liked to become a potter but the careers advisor thought it was a worthless job. As my mother bred rabbits for a long time, I finally decided to become a furrier. I passed my apprenticeship in Aarau where I lived on a farm in the "Fricktal" with my aunt and my uncle. During this period, I only created few paper cuttings.


In 1981, I joined the association "Verein Künstler und Kunstfreunde" (VKK). From then on, I exhibited my paper cuttings regularly, mostly at community expositions. Due to professional reasons I moved toZurich and in 1992 I began with a new technique. Up to then I mainly created black, folded paper cuttings. I couldn't get away from the traditional themes but wanted to do something different from the others. Furthermore, I couldn't stand the amount of black anymore. Then I remembered the coloured paper cutting collage at Christian Schwitzgelbel's home and began to create coloured paper cutting collages.



My technique (coloured paper cutting collages)


Usually, I prepare a rough sketch first and create then a folded cutting. Then I choose the colours. The coloured paper I use is mainly out of news papers and catalogues. I selectively glue the finished black paper cutting to the back ground material; on or under it I glue coloured flowers, leaves, grasses and the like, which gives the three-dimensional effect. For the cutting I only use a special scissors for paper cuttings (brand: Kürsteiner, Zollikerberg).





I was inspired painting through the contact to many other artists. It's a welcome balance to the delicate paper cutting. For two years I took courses at Claudia Scherrer (painting school Stoop in Fällanden) und additionally I painted regularly in painting groups. I learnt special techniques of aquarelle painting as well as mixing techniques in further courses by Doris Walser (Baden) and I also visited acryl courses.